Build a Massive Back in Just 4 Weeks with Our Hardcore Program!


Build a Massive Back in Just 4 Weeks with Our Hardcore Program!

Are you struggling to get the kind of gains you want in your back muscles?

Well, listen up because we’ve got just what you need! Our 4 Weeks to a Bigger Back program is the real deal, designed for serious lifters who want to smash through plateaus and get some serious muscle growth in their back. No more struggling to emphasize those muscles during your workouts – with our program, you’ll be crushing it every time. So, if you’re ready to take your back to the next level, then let’s get started!

You’ve come to the right place, if you are:

Building a strong and massive back is no easy feat.

 It’s not just about hitting the gym and cranking out some reps. You need to know what you’re doing, and that’s where we come in. We’ll teach you the proper form and technique for exercises like pulldowns and rows so you can really focus on your back muscles and not just your biceps. We’ll even give you some training cues to help you get the most out of your workouts.

And we're not just talking about any old back muscles here.

We’re talking about wide, thick, and powerful traps that will make you look like a beast. That’s why we’re including wide grip RDLs in this program. These babies will help you build some serious trap muscles, but you gotta make sure you’re doing them right. Keep your upper back tight, and use some wrist wraps so you can go heavy and push your limits.

If you stick to our program, you'll learn to:


How to properly activate your back muscles during workouts;


The right cues to focus on during rowing and pulldown exercises;


The benefits of adding wide grip RDLs to your back routine;


How to stretch and flare your lats to maximize muscle contraction;


How to use proper form and technique to avoid injury and make gains;


How to structure your workouts to maximize muscle growth and recovery;


How to push yourself to your limits and reach new levels of strength and size;


The importance of rest and recovery in muscle building;


The mindset and discipline necessary to achieve your back-building goals.

Dr. Jacob Wilson,

a true pioneer  in the field of sports nutrition and exercise physiology, has created this epic program  with one mission in mind: to provide cutting-edge information on making massive gains in as little time as possible.  
With his extensive background in skeletal muscle physiology and years of academic research under his belt, Dr. Wilson is a true muscle-building genius. He's got the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you level up your fitness game, and his cutting-edge advice is guaranteed to get you jacked, ripped, and ready to take on the world.
He knows what works, and he's here to help you crush your goals.

We know you're all about building those impressive back muscles,

but sometimes it can be a real struggle to make sure you’re hitting them right during your workouts. That’s why we’ve got your back (literally) and included some training cues to help you out. We want you to focus on pulling with those elbows, not just your puny arms.
You need to get that shoulder joint working for you, not just the elbow joint. And here’s a pro-tip: try squeezing that bar or handle with your ring and pinky fingers instead of your wimpy pointer and middle fingers. Trust us, you’ll be able to pull with those elbows like a boss!

Now, you might be thinking, "that's a lot of work for just four weeks."

But trust us, if you follow this program and stick to it for the full four weeks, you’ll see some serious gains. Just use these workouts in place of your normal back days and make sure you’re giving your muscles time to recover. Try to separate each back day by 48-72 hours so you can really hit those muscles hard.

So, are you ready to get that massive back you've always dreamed of?

Then let's do this!

Click that "Buy Now" button and get your hands on our 4 Weeks to a Bigger Back program.
With our expert guidance and killer workouts, you'll be well on your way to packing on some serious muscle and dominating the gym. 
So what are you waiting for? 
Let's get after it!

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