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ZMA has often been purported as a testosterone booster, and while that claim hasn’t always been proven, ZMA has several other benefits that may boost recovery and immune function for athletes and bodybuilders. Pick a formulation that has at least 30mg zinc, 500mg magnesium, and 10mg vitamin B6. Some individuals will find it most useful […]


The amino sulfonic acid, taurine, is one of the most abundant chemicals in the body. Taurine has been shown to act as an antioxidant and can improve endurance performance and increase repetitions to failure during strength training. However, antioxidants have been shown to impair muscle growth, so bodybuilders may not want to take taurine. Endurance […]


Resveratrol is produced by grapes and is found in red wine – this is why red wine has been associated with health benefits. You can also take resveratrol in supplement form which has many health benefits! Shoot for 20mg/day and stay away from higher doses as they can negatively impact heart health. Resveratrol probably won’t […]

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