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The only course designed to make anyone an expert in exercise science.

About the course

The Muscle PhD Academy is the ultimate course on bodybuilding and exercise science. If you want to gain decades of knowledge and easily apply it to truly expand your expertise, influence, and personal potential in the gym, then this is the course for you. You can expect to learn everything about the human body that will give you valuable insight into changing your own life or the lives of others. Gain instant access to what took me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn so you can start applying the practices TODAY to become the expert you’ve always dreamed of being.

I used to struggle with never doing anything because of my desire for perfection. Everything I was involved with had to be perfect. Nothing could simply be subpar. This resulted in many things not getting done because there was always something that could be better. People ask why The Muscle PhD Academy took nearly a decade of conceptualization and then over 4-years of creation and design. I wanted it to be perfect, and we had to invest the time and energy to reach that goal.

From big life mistakes to little imperfections with emails, I knew all I could do was my best. I realized that I needed a team of like-minded individuals in order to achieve my goals. This led me to the creation of the Applied Science and Performance Institute as well as The Muscle PhD Team that many of you guys know and interact with on a daily basis.

We’re always told that perfection is unobtainable, but if you surround yourself with the right team and share the same passions, anything is possible. I truly think we have achieved the closest thing to perfect that we possibly can and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done. And now you can become a part of our exclusive team.

We created The Muscle PhD Academy to save you time and guide you to success in your bodybuilding or fitness career. Discover everything you ever wanted to know about exercise science all in one spot.

Seriously, save yourself time and energy. You’ll thank me for years to come.

A Look Inside of the Course

Course Outline


Nothing is more important or more immediately applicable than anatomy. Learn the major muscle groups and mechanics to optimize your training today.

Physiology of Training

Physiology helps us understand the why behind how training works. This course dives under the hood of the human body to uncover how exercise really works.


We know that training builds muscles, but why is that the case? How can we optimize training for growth? Look no further than the Hypertrophy course for these answers.


Writing a single workout takes some education and experience, but what about long-term training programs? This course covers the variables and factors we can manipulate to optimize long-term training.

Strength and Psychology

Interested in mastering your knowledge about building strength as well as psychology variables to motivate others to their best? Look no further than the Strength and Psychology course.

Advanced Training Variables

Are you looking for an edge in your, or your clients’, training? The Advanced Training Variables course covers training variables that no other classroom would ever acknowledge.

Powerlifting 101

There’s nothing more effective than the basics. Learn to master the anatomy, mechanics, and coaching cues for the squat, bench press, and deadlift in this course.

Program Design

The Program Design course builds off the Periodization course to offer more insight on how to plan and optimize training variables throughout a long-term program.


Everyone knows that training is only half of the bodybuilding journey. Learn to optimize your nutrition for muscle growth and body composition in the Nutrition course.

Fat Loss

Whether you’re looking to dazzle at the beach or dominate on the stage, the Fat Loss course is designed to show you how to optimize your training and cardio for maximal fat loss and muscle retention.

Dr. Jacob Wilson

This is single-handedly the most advanced course you will ever find on exercise science. Period

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