Be prepared to embark on a transformative journey that will amplify your career as a personal trainer to extraordinary heights.


Your pathway to becoming an exceptional personal trainer who stands out from the crowd.

Plunge into the intricacies of energy systems, muscle physiology, and adaption mechanisms, all fueled by our visual aids. This certification isn’t your typical credential – it’s your gateway to becoming a true expert in the personal training field. Get ready to showcase your training skills and dominate the field with the most applicable and field ready knowledge available.

imagine, having the incredible expertise...

To create workout routines that not only shape impressive bodies but also transform clients into dedicated enthusiasts for ife. Picture yourself peeling back the layers of muscle mysteries, discovering how those muscles, bones, and joints work in symphony to unleash extraordinary performances.

Get ready for a journey, as what we're offering here is far from ordinary

– it's a total revolution.

Whether you’re, or aspiring to become a top-tier personal trainer or deeply passionate about fitness and shaping your ideal physique, think of this certification as your ultimate advantage in achieving your goals personally and professionally.

About the Certification

The ESS personal training certification is designed to help you break down barriers and grasp the science behind achieving impressive results. You'll master everything from selecting the right exercises to decoding the secrets of rep ranges and workout sequences.

These skills will distinguish you as an exercise science expert who knows how to conquer challenges and stand out from the crowd.

Exercise Science Secrets Unveiled:

Immerse Yourself in Human Anatomy and Physiology

Uncover the explosive synergy of bones, muscles, and joints that will supercharge your clients strength and send their performance soaring. Through captivating visuals, we're transforming the learning experience into an exciting virtual journey of empowerment.

Master the Art of Periodization

Get ready to push the boundaries with the ultimate technique for maximizing muscle growth—periodization. Gain a precise grasp of why it's effective and master the strategic ways to use it for achieving any fitness objectives with remarkable success.

Forge the Path with Programing

Equip yourself with the essential tools and intensification methods to design custom programs that deliver tangible results. Dive into both traditional and innovative methods for an exhilarating fitness adventure that’ll gets your clients heart racing.

Design Your 


Tap into your inner exercise science architect as you master the art of creating the ultimate plan proven to get your clients RESULTS.

A New Horizon of 
Training Awaits

The ESS Personal Trainer Certification isn't just about weights and sweat – it's about fully and easily grasping complex topics and making them applicable to your personal training career. Plunge into the depths of exercise science by finally understanding how the body moves, grows and functions in a systematic harmony that will perfectly craft your training.  Create  workouts that are nothing short of mastery, tailored for the unique individuals who step into your domain guaranteeing they achieve any goal set and overcome any obstacle they come across.

This is the Exercise Science 
Personal Training Certification

It’s not just some ordinary learning resource – it’s the  ultimate tool that allows you to become a professional in a fraction of the time. Get ready to unlock your full potential by becoming an Exercise Science Specialist.


a true pioneer in the field of sports nutrition and exercise physiology, has created this epic certification with one mission in mind: to provide the most advanced certification on exercise science at a fraction of the cost to that of a similar school degree.

With his extensive background in skeletal muscle physiology and years of academic research under his belt, Dr. Wilson is a true exercise science expert. He's got the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you level up your coaching and training to unlock your true potential in the fitness space.

He knows what works, and he's here to help you achieve greatness.

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