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Squats and Knee Health

A common thought in the health and fitness industry is that deep squats are bad for your knees. However, virtually no research supports this theory. The anatomy of the knee joint helps stabilize the knee during deep squats and the connective tissue of the knee is rarely challenged past 50% of its peak tensile strength. […]

Creatine HCL

Creatine hydrochloride is a form of creatine with many claims about its improved absorption and overall efficacy compared to creatine monohydrate. However, these claims are based on speculation and have not been tested to verify their authenticity. At this moment, no evidence exists to suggest that creatine hydrochloride is more effective than creatine monohydrate. Source: […]

Can Cardio Cause Growth?

A recent review by Konopka and Harber (2014) stated that aerobic training can cause similar muscle growth as resistance training. If you read between the lines, however, this benefit is only true for older (65+) or very sedentary individuals. Young, healthy, and active people will get much better growth effects from resistance training. Always make […]

Can Stretching Prevent Injuries?

Many think that stretching before a workout can help prevent injuries. However, very little data exists to support this opinion. Stretching can, in certain cases, increase injury risk and will more than likely impair performance when done before a workout. Keep your warm-ups to dynamic movements like plyometrics, jogging, or any other form of warm-up […]


ZMA has often been purported as a testosterone booster, and while that claim hasn’t always been proven, ZMA has several other benefits that may boost recovery and immune function for athletes and bodybuilders. Pick a formulation that has at least 30mg zinc, 500mg magnesium, and 10mg vitamin B6. Some individuals will find it most useful […]

Eccentric vs Concentric Training

Many trainers and coaches preach the importance of the lowering portion during lifting as they believe it to be more important for growth. The reality is that many of the studies that show this to be the case used greater loads during eccentric-only training compared to concentric-only training. Since normal training involves the same weight […]

Lifting Tempo

Many trainers advocate for using slow and controlled lifting tempos as they believe this will lead to greater growth. However, this review found that lifting tempo has no effect on muscle growth. Furthermore, extremely slow tempos were actually less effective for growth than fast tempos. Let the weight, fatigue level, and lifting form dictate your […]

What Deadlift Style is Best for You?

Use your natural build for a deadlift advantage. Lifters with longer legs and shorter torsos will usually be able to lift more weight in a sumo stance – this is why women are typically better sumo deadlifters than conventional deadlifters. If you have a long torso and shorter legs, stick to conventional deadlifts. If you’re […]

Fixing Mid-Pull Weakness in the Deadlift

The researchers in this study found that well-trained powerlifters had deadlift sticking points around 95-degrees of hip flexion – this is typically where the mechanical advantage in the deadlift is the smallest. This means that you need to train movements like block pulls, rack pulls, and RDLs to improve strength in this position and increase […]

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