Gender Differences in Training

How different are men and women when considering exercise performance and training adaptations? Let’s dive into what the science says about this topic.

Recovery Methods

Exercise recovery is all the rage these days but not many people understand what recovery is or how to optimize it. Let’s dig into the topic and answer those questions.

Weights and Heart Health

The most common form of exercise used to improve cardiovascular health and function is aerobic training. Can lifting weights also improve heart health?

Are Squats Bad For Your Knees?

The debate about knee safety during the squat has raged over the past few decades. Let’s dig into what the science says about squats and knee health.

Meal Frequency

Many in the fitness community believe that increasing meal frequency can boost metabolic rate and improve body composition. What does the science say?

The Lactic Acid Conundrum

Lactic acid has often been tagged as one of the main culprits of inducing muscle fatigue. Does the science behind muscle fatigue agree with this allegation?

Stretching and Performance

Static stretching is one of the most popular ways to warmup before exercise. Let’s dig in and see if this is a good practice and if it’s the best method for improving flexibility.

Music and Motivation

Just about every gym goer enjoys listening to music during their workout. Is there really science behind motivational music and working out?

Hamstrings and Squat Strength

Several studies have found that the hamstrings are not overly activated during squats. Does this paint a full picture of hamstrings involvement in the squat?

Post-Workout Nutrition

Optimizing post-workout nutrition can greatly benefit recovery from exercise. What and when should you eat after your workout to maximize gains?

Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is an often misused phrase when considering various skills and exercise training. Let’s dig into what muscle memory truly is and how it applies to training.

Time Under Tension

Time Under Tension has become a massive catchphrase in the fitness community. Is it really the most important variable for maximizing growth?

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