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Genetics and Elite Athletes

There are many biological traits that separate the elite athlete and/or bodybuilder from the average Joe. What are these traits? Can you train them?

What Causes Growth?

In this piece we cover the latest science on the determinants of muscle hypertrophy and how you can apply this information in your own training.

Eccentrics and Growth

Coaches and trainers often preach the importance of the lowering portion of resistance training exercises. Is this really the most important part of a lift?

The Power of Bodybuilding

This is a story about a fellow named Pete. Pete is none of us, and Pete is all of us, so let’s follow his journey into the world of bodybuilding and see how it changes his life.

Calories and Energy Balance

Are all calories equal? Is calories in vs calories out the most important component of a diet for weight loss? Let’s see what the science says.

The Mind-Muscle Connection

The Mind-Muscle Connection is a hot topic in the bodybuilding community with many coaches swearing by its efficacy. Is it really the best way to grow?

Hypertrophy vs. Hyperplasia

We know that muscles grow through a process called hypertrophy. However, another growth process, called hyperplasia, may exist. What’s the difference?

Gender Differences in Training

How different are men and women when considering exercise performance and training adaptations? Let’s dive into what the science says about this topic.

Are Squats Bad For Your Knees?

The debate about knee safety during the squat has raged over the past few decades. Let’s dig into what the science says about squats and knee health.

Meal Frequency

Many in the fitness community believe that increasing meal frequency can boost metabolic rate and improve body composition. What does the science say?

Stretching and Performance

Static stretching is one of the most popular ways to warmup before exercise. Let’s dig in and see if this is a good practice and if it’s the best method for improving flexibility.

Hamstrings and Squat Strength

Several studies have found that the hamstrings are not overly activated during squats. Does this paint a full picture of hamstrings involvement in the squat?

Post-Workout Nutrition

Optimizing post-workout nutrition can greatly benefit recovery from exercise. What and when should you eat after your workout to maximize gains?

Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is an often misused phrase when considering various skills and exercise training. Let’s dig into what muscle memory truly is and how it applies to training.

Time Under Tension

Time Under Tension has become a massive catchphrase in the fitness community. Is it really the most important variable for maximizing growth?

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