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Cardio and Metabolism

Many in the fitness community think that performing steady state cardio will reduce resting metabolic rate. However, this study found no difference in resting metabolism following a 12-week endurance training protocol. The take home message? Cardio won’t kill your metabolism! Losing weight and dieting can reduce your metabolism, however, so make sure to follow our […]

Biceps Variations

This study found that different biceps exercises affect biceps activation at various joint angles. Preacher curls are most effective at the bottom of the range of motion while standing curls and incline curls offer more activation towards the top of the movement. The takeaway? Use all variations in your training for optimal development! Source: Oliveira, […]

Flat Bench vs. Incline Bench

This study found that incline bench produced much greater activation in the upper chest compared to the lower chest. Muscle activation in both portions was similar in flat bench, however. Lower chest activation was also higher when using a wide grip, so make sure to use a variety of bench angles and grip widths for […]

Bench Tip #3

Shaking or feeling unstable during a heavy bench press has two main causes: 1) you’re not using your legs to provide stability and 2) your core might be too weak to help stabilize the body during strain. Think about pushing your feet into the floor and driving your knees out throughout the entire press to […]

Protein and Sleep

This study found that consuming a diet high in protein improved subject’s sleep quality significantly more than other dietary interventions and a control diet. The takeaway? Make sure you’re eating a diet higher in protein to both promote growth and recovery as well as improving sleep! Source: Lindseth, G., Lindseth, P., & Thompson, M. (2013). […]

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