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Bench Tip #2

Need more ideas for exercises to boost your bench? Dumbbell bench and dumbbell chest flyes offer similar levels of pectoral activation so add them into your training to boost chest strength and size to increase your bench press. Just make sure you’re going heavy enough on both to garner this benefit as doing lighter weights […]

Bench Tip #1

Studies show that force production and muscle activation decrease in the second half of the positive portion of a bench press rep. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of reps performed during training are aided by momentum during the second half of the press. Therefore, during a max bench, many people […]

Barbell Deadlifts vs. Trap Bar Deadlifts

This study found that barbell deadlifts have a mechanical disadvantage which forces hip and back muscles to work harder. However, subjects were able to lift more weight in the trap bar deadlift which led to more power production. Use both types of deadlifts in your program for optimal muscle and strength gains! Source: Swinton, P. […]

Alcohol Consumption

This study compared the effects of consuming 25g of protein to 25g of protein plus alcohol after a workout. It was found that consuming alcohol after a workout severely impaired post-workout muscle protein synthesis. If your goal is to gain muscle, avoid alcohol after your workout and consume alcohol in moderation when you do drink. […]

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