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High Protein Diets

The current recommendation is that bodybuilders and athletes should take in 1.8 grams of protein/kg of bodyweight, but this study found greater gains in subjects taking in 2.8g protein/kg bodyweight. If you’re trying to optimize muscle growth, shoot for 2-3g protein/kg bodyweight to maximize gains. Source: Willoughby, D. S., Stout, J. R., & Wilborn, C. […]

Stretching Hurts Performance?

Athletes and bodybuilders often employ static stretching as their primary pre-training warmup. However, several studies have shown that stretching can have many negative effects on exercise performance, including reduced joint torque and muscle activation. Check out our Stretching article for more information. Source: Fowles, J. R., Sale, D. G., & MacDougall, J. D. (2000). Reduced […]

Sleep and Fat Loss

This study found that subjects who got more sleep lost a similar amount of weight to subjects who slept less when both groups underwent a calorie-restricted diet. However, the group that got more sleep lost more weight as fat. If your goal is to improve body composition, make sure you’re dedicating plenty of time to […]

Wide Stance vs Narrow Stance Squats

This study proved the classic theory about squat stances – wide stance squats cause more glute activation while narrow stance squats cause more inner quad activation. Use both squat stances in your training to maximize leg development and squat strength.Source: Paoli, A., Marcolin, G., & Petrone, N. (2009). The effect of stance width on the electromyographical activity of eight superficial thigh muscles during back squat with different bar loads. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 23(1), 246-250.

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