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Has your progress stalled over the past few months? Are you ready to take your training to the next level, but not quite sure how? The Muscle PhD provides custom training plans designed for your goals, training needs, and training history to ensure safe and continuous progress towards your maximum potential.

What do we Need from You?

First, please fill out the form below and provide as much detail as possible. We need to know your goals, training history, and gym equipment in order to provide the best training program for YOU. Once the form is filled out, we will review your information and begin to design your program. If, for some reason, you are not a fit for a Muscle PhD Custom Training Plan, our team will contact you with other training options so you can continue making progress.

How Does the Process Work?

Once you fill out the form, our team will review your application. If you are a fit for a Muscle PhD Custom Training Plan, we will contact you with payment information. Once payment is secured, your program will be delivered to your email in .pdf format within three days. The length of the program that is sent will depend on which package you sign up for, but you’ll never receive more than 3-months at a time. If you have any questions about your program, please reach out to for assistance.

Packages and Pricing

Please find all the training packages and prices below.

30 Days To Size Challenge: $199

3-Month Training Plan: $499

12-Month Training Plan (delivered in installments of 3-months): $1699

Frequently Asked Questions

The Muscle PhD Custom Training Plans can be designed for up to 5-days per week of training.

This will depend on your availability via the question on the application form.

At this time, we are not offering nutrition plans.

At this time, we are not offering contest prep programs.

If you become injured from training, please seek appropriate medical attention. Following diagnosis and/or prognosis of the injury, please reach out to and we will put your program on hold. Once you are cleared for activity, we will modify your program to fit around the injury.

Muscle PhD Custom Training Plans are entirely individualized around YOU. Your goals, needs, and training history direct how the program is designed and what levels of variation, volume, and intensity you need to keep growing. If you are a beginner, interested in general training programs, or don’t have at least 45-mins to commit to each workout, the Muscle PhD Training Plans in the Shop might be a better fit for you.

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