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Exogenous Ketones

We’ve spoken so much about ketones and their value as the fourth macronutrient. In addition to their massive benefits to your energy, endurance, and cognitive function. However, where do exogenous ketones fit in this?

Recapping, ketones are an alternative energy source that we can make in our bodies when we do a low carbohydrate, high fat diet. After several days on a very low-carb diet, your body will start producing ketones at an elevated level. Your brain actually prefers ketones over carbohydrates as fuel.

In addition to the benefits we just mentioned, studies show that ketones enhance your performance, keeping you more alert, and lowing your inflammation, which has a huge effect on recovery.

Can you buy ketones as a supplement, though?

What Are Exogenous Ketones?

Using ketones instead of glucose

Ketones are a great supplement for your training, and there are a lot of ketones on the market nowadays. Exogenous ketones can be split into ketone salts and ketone esters. However, we wouldn’t recommend taking ketone esters.

While ketone esters may be effective, the problem is that they taste like jet fuel, absolutely awful. Even those that are marketed as “designed to taste better” still taste bad, and their expense is astronomical.

Which Exogenous Ketones Should You Get?

We recommend looking for ketone salts, and these are split into two products: DL Ketone Salts and R-BHB. You need to understand that ketones are an energy source, and your body actually makes R-BHB, or right-handed BHB, also known as right-handed ketones.

The process of making these ketones synthetically produces about 50% each of R-BHB and L-BHB. There’s an issue though–your body doesn’t really use L-BHB that effectively.

Essentially, L-BHB stays in your blood for a long time and doesn’t get much use. So, if you’re looking for all the ketone benefits we just mentioned, the majority of these benefits are going to occur only with R-BHB.

That’s why we recommend you make sure to get a pure R-BHB supplement. The first thing to understand is that R-BHB can be made naturally in a fermented process, or it can be artificially created.

Which Is the Best Exogenous Ketones Company?

Since we want to mimic our body’s naturally produced ketones as much as possible, look for naturally fermented RBH. While there are a lot of companies in the market, only one currently has a patented technology, which is Pruvit.

Recommendations for Ketone Supplementation

You will want to take around 7-10g of ketones per serving.

Structure of the ketone BHB

Take your servings around 30 minutes pre-workout in order to get you pumped and ready to go. For maximum effectiveness, you should pair exogenous ketones with BCAAs.

We hope you’ve become more knowledgeable about exogenous ketones after this article! We’ll see you again in the next article.

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