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Antioxidants and Strength Gains

Antioxidants and Strength Gains

A common fitness myth is that taking antioxidants after a resistance training workout can improve recovery and increase gains. However, this study found that supplementing with antioxidants after strength training actually resulted in lower strength gains than the placebo group. This may be due to the fact that antioxidant use can alter protein signalling following training.


Paulsen, G., Hamarsland, H., Cumming, K. T., Johansen, R. E., Hulmi, J. J., Børsheim, E., … & Raastad, T. (2014). Vitamin C and E supplementation alters protein signalling after a strength training session, but not muscle growth during 10 weeks of training. The Journal of Physiology, 592(24), 5391-5408.

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