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Calorie Cycling

Calorie Cycling


This study compared two different diet interventions for 6-weeks and then compared lasting results after a 4-week follow-up period. One group consumed a diet similar to a “calorie cycling” protocol in which they ate a restricted diet for 11-days and then self-selected food for 3-days. The other group simply ate a restricted diet for the 6-weeks. The calorie cycling diet group maintained resting metabolic rate much better than the restricted group and recovered to baseline levels more quickly after the diet!

Source: Davoodi, S. H., Ajami, M., Ayatollahi, S. A., Dowlatshahi, K., Javedan, G., & Pazoki-Toroudi, H. R. (2014). Calorie shifting diet versus calorie restriction diet: a comparative clinical trial study. International Journal of Preventive Medicine, 5(4), 447.

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