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Drop Sets

Drop Sets


This study examined the effect of drop set training vs. traditional set training in the last 4-weeks of a training study. They found that the subjects performing drop sets had greater gains in muscle size than the group that continued to perform traditional sets. Therefore, drop sets might be a more effective way to continue making gains for experienced lifters! Use drop sets in your training by going to failure at a set weight, drop weight, and then immediately go to failure again. You can even do multiple drops in one set for an insane pump!

Source: Goto, K., Nagasawa, M., Yanagisawa, O., Kizuka, T., Ishii, N., & Takamatsu, K. (2004). Muscular adaptations to combinations of high-and low-intensity resistance exercises. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 18(4), 730-737.

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