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Is Frequency Gender-Specific?

Is Frequency Gender-Specific?

This study found that trained men were able to recover quicker than trained women following a heavy resistance training protocol. Researchers are uncertain as to why this may occur – gender differences in central fatigue may be a primary reason. This means that men might be able to train muscle groups more frequently than women which is an important consideration when considering designing training programs. Other studies show that women are more fatigue-resistant than men during high volume training, but the recovery difference remains. Check out our article, “Gender Differences in Training,” here for more info.

Reference: Davies, R. W., Carson, B. P., & Jakeman, P. M. (2018). Sex Differences in the Temporal Recovery of Neuromuscular Function Following Resistance Training in Resistance Trained Men and Women 18 to 35 Years. Frontiers in Physiology, 9.

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