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Post-Workout Carbs

Post-Workout Carbs

This study found that consuming high GI carbs after a workout was more effective at replenishing muscle glycogen levels than consuming low GI carbs. White rice, white bread, and sugary cereals are all great options after your workout, especially if you plan on training again in the same day. If you have plenty of time between your next training session, this may not be necessary as glycogen replenishment will be maximized over a few days regardless of strategy. Check out our article, “Post-Workout Nutrition,” here for more info.

Reference: Burke, L. M., Collier, G. R., & Hargreaves, M. (1993). Muscle glycogen storage after prolonged exercise: effect of the glycemic index of carbohydrate feedings. Journal of Applied Physiology, 75(2), 1019-1023.

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