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Top 3 Ways to Immediately Anti-Age

You can’t stop time, but did you know that you can decelerate your aging process using 3 simple techniques?

We’re not talking about your chronological age–you’re obviously going to get older every single year. We’re talking about how you can make yourself biologically younger, which is something our labs are doing a lot of research on.

Like it or not, age has a lot to do with your bodybuilding lifestyle, especially if you haven’t been doing these 3 techniques yet. You’re not getting any younger, and as you get older, you can’t gain as much muscle, and it becomes harder to lose and easier to gain fat.

This is why we need to seek out things that well help decelerate our aging process, and maybe even reverse some of its effects, such as leathery skin and slower reaction times.

1. Use the Right Supplements

The importance of supplementing your body in order to reduce the effects of aging is massive. Imagine your genes as information on a CD, and you yourself are that CD.

Just like a CD, as you age you get scratched, and how you express your genes becomes unstable. Studies show that as we get older, our skin cells start to show proteins that are more present in our kidneys, which is why our skin becomes leathery. This is similar to the way a scratched CD can’t show the information that’s stored in it and becomes somewhat corrupted. 

Taking supplements for anti-aging

But imagine if you’ve been taking care of that CD, and you’ve been polishing it all this time–that’s what supplementation does to your body. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) serves as a sort of polish for your body, and it’s the supplementation we recommend you take if you’re looking to immediately anti-age your body and decelerate the aging process.

2. Take Advantage of Ketones

The second thing you need to do in order to immediately anti-age is to increase your blood ketone levels. Known as the hidden fourth macronutrient, ketones are considered a superior energy source that gives massive cognitive benefits.

We are programmed to age and then die at a certain point, and ketones can extend that programming sequence. You can increase your blood ketone levels by going on a ketogenic diet, or supplementing with exogenous ketones.

You should have at least 2-3 servings a day of exogenous ketones, and it’s actually better if you pair that with a ketogenic diet, as doing both is super beneficial for anti-aging. It means you’ll be able to prolong the time you can spend honing your body and health.

3. Practice Intermittent Fasting

We know you’re scared of losing muscle. However, the one thing that’s been seen across the entire animal kingdom is that fasting can actually reverse your biological age and increase your lifespan.

We’re not talking about stopping eating altogether–that’s not anabolic and you’ll be losing your muscle mass. We’re talking about intermittent fasting, during which you time restrict your eating periods.

Make sure you only eat 8 hours out of the day, or even 4 hours out of the day once you’re feeling used to the 8-hour periods. So, if you start eating at 1PM, and you’re planning on only eating within an 8 hour window, you should stop eating at 9PM. Alternatively, if you’re only planning on eating in a 4-hour window, you can start eating at 5PM/AM and stop eating at 9PM/AM.

Intermittent fasting is guaranteed to make you live longer, and every once in a while if you’re feeling courageous, you can try 24 hour or maybe even 48 hour fasts. Fasting is muscle sparing unless you’re malnourished or fasting for many days, and you have to admit that staying younger for more time far outweighs any potential for muscle loss. If you stay younger, you’ll be able to gain muscle for a lot more years than you normally would.

In the same vein as fasting, have you tried training in a depleted state? It’s when you essentially do your morning cardio and deplete your muscles of their carbohydrate stores and you don’t replenish them, then come back a couple of hours later–or even at night–still in that depleted state and do cardio again. You’re now training in a depleted state, and studies show that this increases your mitochondria, which is really the key to reversing your biological age.

We hope this article helped you learn some effective ways to immediately reduce your biological age. We’ll see you again next time.

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