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What Is the Applied Science and Performance Institute?

A lot of people have been asking us all about the Applied Science and Performance Institute (ASPI)–what really is it? We mentioned before that we’ve done a lot of tests and research on muscle building at ASPI, yet we also spoke about the multitude of exercise equipment available here.

So what is ASPI really, is it a research lab or a training institute? The answer is both!

What Is ASPI?

ASPI is an extensive 22,000-square-foot elite performance center and laboratory that has gathered some of the biggest minds and bodies in the world to make one of the best performance facilities in the world.

If that sounds exciting to you, wait till you know what we actually do here! All of this is centered around optimizing human performance–more specifically, bringing people to their prime.

It’s really not that big of a stretch to say that we created a facility to make super humans–turning men into better men and making any athlete a super athlete who can go beyond what was previously thought to be genetically possible.

The Prime System

Optimizing performance at ASPI

Whenever you ask someone if they remember when their prime was, they’ll almost always perk up and tell you all about that time period where they felt great after an exercise and they saw themselves growing stronger and stronger.

What we’ve done at ASPI is to put people through complex tests using all of our advanced machines. By doing this we have actually learned to quantify your prime score–your “ASPI score”–in order to be able to guide and direct anybody to achieve their prime.

How Do We Quantify Your Prime?

We’re able to determine your score because of ASPI’s unique facilities. We are an elite research center with millions of dollars worth of equipment. Among other tests, we look at speed, power, cognitive function, as well as body composition.

We can even go further and take a deeper look into muscle and fat mass, as well as bone mineral density. We look at several biochemistry indices, such as testosterone and cortisol levels during your exercises, along a host of scientific applications such as the mind-muscle connection.

And how much time does that take? Barely a day. We’ve had top executives such as Tony Robbins come and get tested here at ASPI in order to get their ASPI score and see how close they are to their prime and how to actually get there.

The Origins of ASPI

Our CEO Dr. Jacob Wilson admits that one of his earliest inspirations to start ASPI was watching Rocky IV with his family as a kid! If you remember, the main antagonist to Rocky in that movie was the Russian boxer Ivan Drago. Watching the scene in that huge laboratory where science was used to help that athlete become better in his field planted the seed of the idea that grew into ASPI today.

We hope this article helped shed some light on what it is we do here at ASPI! We’ll see you again in the next video.

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