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How Bad do you Want it?

The unfortunate truth is that not many people nowadays have a firm goal to work towards, and that’s completely fine! However, you do; otherwise you wouldn’t be here. If you have a goal in mind, no matter what it is, then congratulations. You’re already part of the 1%. You’re already a cut above the rest. You went out and you’re training at the gym every single day, and if you’re reading this article, then you deserve an extended congratulations. You’ve already taken it upon yourself to visit a site, or sign up for a service where you could expand your mind and enhance your knowledge.

Over here you’ll be able to get lecturesmaterialstips and tricks for bodybuilding as well as have all your questions answered. You’ve probably asked yourself, do I want to get fit, lean, or buff? The answer should’ve been a resounding YES to at least one of those. Or you’ve asked yourself, am I willing to put in the work and effort to exercise as much as my schedule allows? Probably the answer to that would be another “yes,” or else you wouldn’t be here learning about how to achieve your goal. Finally, you might’ve asked yourself, why am I not seeing any progress yet? Or why are others making strides while I’m tiptoeing towards my goal?

Well, there’s still one question you haven’t answered, and it’s the number one thing that’s separating you from getting into the next step of your life. How bad do you want it?

If you’re working out, reading our articles, and putting in the hours, but you’re saying you don’t have time to get 8 hours of sleep, eat 6 meals a day or workout 2 times a day… Then you’ll never achieve your goals, simply because it’s not a priority

Priorities are Never in Conflict

If you believe that working out is an important building block to getting your goal, yet believe that you need to find a balance between working out and having a nice social life, then you’re never going to make significant progress. If your goal is to just workout daily and you don’t care about any of the contests or getting to the peak of your human physique, then you’re probably happy with your progress. Achieving incredible goals just isn’t a priority to you. In essence, you’re not making progress because progress isn’t a priority for you.

The first thing you need to ask yourself as a bodybuilder, athlete, or figure competitor, is… “What are my priorities?” If it’s to become as massive as humanly possible, or get as vascular as humanly possible, or reach an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical figure that you’ve always dreamed of… Then that’s your goal and your priority, and everything else you need to do to get there will be a priority. Whether that be training twice a day, sleeping, recovering, getting your meals in, counting your calories, that’s your priority.

Sacrifices are Necessary to Success

Inevitably, you can’t have everything in life, but you could definitely focus on one thing and excel at it. If you’re trying to balance between having a social life, good sleep, and following your goal, then your social life will have to come second to getting good sleep and following your goal! Because to you, everything has to revolve around your goal, your priorities are set to help you reach that stage.

Think about all the times you’ve been able to make great gains, or amazing progress in something, you’ll find that you had to sacrifice your social life, or mindless entertainment for it. Once you have a purpose, you’ll be able to go all out, by eliminating everything else other than your goal, then you’ll do everything you need to in order to get to that goal. That all depends on one question though…

How Bad do you Want it?

If you’re willing to pay the price to reach your goals then you need to sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself, list the priorities you want to center your life around. This list will help you develop your purpose, set your priorities, and decide on what’s going to be secondary in your life. Most importantly, you need to let go of other lifestyle facets. Having balance in your life isn’t how you progress in your goals.

If you have everything, then nothing’s a priority. You can’t have a great social life that distracts you, and expect to reach your goal. Truthfully, none of the stuff here will work with you until you have a purpose, and you set your priorities that help you go for it!

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