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Top 3 Ways to Lose Fat Fast!

When you’re a bodybuilder, you can’t let fat hide the muscles you’ve worked so hard to build. There are three scientifically backed ways that you can use in order to lose fat as soon as possible.

The best thing about these tricks? All three are things you can do immediately, allowing you to see results as soon as possible. So, if you’re trying to optimize your body composition and burn away all that extra fat, you should keep reading.

1. Using Time Restricted Feeding

If you’re trying to lose fat, the best thing you can do is to instantly reduce the window during which you eat food, also known as intermittent fasting. Your eating window affects your body composition, whether you’re an overeater or an undereater.

We suggest using two different eating windows and cycling between them every few days. The first one is an 8-hour feeding period, and the second one is a 4-hour feeding period. Want to know how you can cycle between them?

Intermittent fasting to lose fat

You’ll first start with an 8-hour eating period for essentially 3-4 days a week. During that time you’re only allowed to eat in that 8-hour window, so if you start eating at 1PM, you’ll stop eating at 9PM.

Along with that, try a 4-hour feeding period twice a week, during which you start eating at around 4-5AM/PM and stop eating at around 8-9AM/PM. If you do that twice a week, you should see all of the benefits of fasting without much risk.

For the remaining days of the week, you’ve earned your freedom and can have your breakfast without time restricting your eating throughout the day. We guarantee you that you’ll lose a lot of fat over 30 days if you just implement time-restricted eating right now.

2. Changing Up Your Exercises

If you’ve been lifting for a while now, you probably have a journal in which you jot down whatever exercises you’ve done in the last 6 months or so. Let’s say you’ve been doing barbell back squats, leg presses, and leg extensions.

What you need to be doing in order to accelerate your fat loss is to swap all these exercises out from your routine and do none of them for the next 30 days. By completely changing up your exercise session, not only will you transform your muscle mass, you’ll also lose fat at an accelerated rate.

For example: if you do traditional barbell back squats on a regular basis, your body is probably too used to it. Keep your body on its figurative toes by changing up your exercises routine to include front squats, back squats, banded squats, or even Bulgarian squats. Whatever you do, do not do the traditional exercise you’ve been doing.

By giving your body that new stimulus, you’ll be giving it an incentive to burn fat and gain more muscle. You need to be constantly using different variations of the exercise you’ve been doing. Can’t think of another variation? Simply do another exercise entirely.

When your body is facing a novel stimulus, it will elevate your basal metabolic rate, which means you’ll be burning more calories over the next 24 hours. What if you exercise like this every day, over a 30 day period? You’re going to see massive results.

3. Manipulating Your Carbohydrate Intake

The third way to lose fat fast is to manipulate your carbohydrate intake. Unless you’re on a ketogenic diet, you’re going to need to lower your carbohydrates and replace them with either protein or fat macronutrients.

If you’re planning on cycling your carbohydrates, here’s a guideline to follow if you’re unsure how to start: Start the first 2 days of the week as low-carb days, then have 1 moderate-carb day, and 1 high-carb day. Then you loop all the way back and do another 1 low-carb day, 1 moderate-carb day, and 1 high-carb day.

Bodybuilder carb cycling to lose fat

Just by manipulating your carbohydrates, either by instituting carbohydrate cycling, cutting your carbs out, or even ketogenic dieting, we guarantee you’ll lose fat.

We hope this article helped you understand the top 3 ways to lose fat! If you do all 3 of these techniques, you’ll see a significant drop in your body fat percentage over the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

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